The May Issue


The May issue — ‘What We’re Reading’ at Health 2.0 is an ongoing series that features a round up of newsworthy articles, thinkers, and opinions from across the community. This post includes exciting reads from April 2018. We hope you enjoy and follow along. Happy reading!

The CEO of a Health Startup Backed by Eric Schmidt and Top VCs has Been Fired Amid Allegations He Intimidated Employees
By Theodore Schleifer on Recode

Is anyone surprised?

Video Consultation Service Doctor On Demand Raised $74 Million So Everyone Can See a Doctor Anytime
By Jonathan Shieber

We love seeing our Health 2.0 family do big things. Jessica Goldband was responsible for launching Health:Refactored back in 2013, which become HxRefactored, which is known in its’ current form as Dev4Health, and now she’s over here helping raise millions for Doctor On Demand as Senior Product Manager. Way to go, Jess!

A Doctors Office That Charges $150 a Month and Doesn’t Take Insurance Just Raised Millions to Make It the Future of Medicine
By Lydia Ramsey on Business Insider

Speaking of our Health 2.0 family, Robin Berzin is disrupting multiple healthcare sectors at once!

Bypasses insurance: ✔️
Low monthly cost: 
Treats the whole person: 
Pray for Parsley Health to open up in my city: 

Meet the Speakers: a Dev4Health Recap
By me on Health 2.0 News

Feeling like you missed out on Dev4Health? Well, you did, because it was amazing! But no worries because we’ve captured some of our favorite soundbites and interviews with the Dev4Health speakers here.

Healthcare Is In An ‘Economic Boom’ and That Means It’s Time for Disruption
By Beth Jones Sanborn

Costs are rising, we know this. According to the researchers at Altarum, it looks like the rise in cost is associated with (1) increased hiring at hospitals (but job growth is good! Especially considering a forecasted shortage of physicians and nurses) and (2) increased cost of pharmaceuticals (R&D, good. Cost, bad). Every sector of growth will eventually hit a ceiling, and Health 2.0 will be here to disrupt it all when it does.

Commentary: Canada’s Healthcare Is Abysmal. Why Would We Copy It
By Sally C. Pipes on Fortune

An interesting POV from a single payer naysayer. Sally addresses many valid points (though the idea that paying for services makes folks more frugal about how they use them is not one of them), but forgets that such policy shifts don’t take place in a bubble. There are numerous other systemic changes and consumer behavior incentives to be made in order for a single-payer system to be successful. Come to Health 2.0, Sally, and learn why this disruption is a GOOD thing.

A Tale of Two Hospitals That Adopted Apple’s Health Record App
By Lucas Mearian on Computer World

FIN-A-LY. And it only took the biggest global tech company to make it happen. But seriously, 39 hospitals are on board and are already feeling positive about the BYOD approach. There is still plenty of work to be done when it comes to transforming raw data into something actionable, but we like the effort. A lot.

FitBit Will Use Google Cloud to Make Its’ Data Available to Doctors
By Brian Heater on TechCrunch

Not to be outdone, Google has also jumped on board. I believe Indu would refer to this type of data mobility as the semi-permeable membrane inside the 5 Drivers of Healthcare’s Decentralized Future.

Nokia to Sell Its’ Healthcare Division to Eric Carrell co-founder of Withings
By Ingrid Lunden on TechCrunch

#keptthereceipt Nokia bought Withings in 2016 and is now selling it back.

AI and the Future of Ethics
By Matthew Biggins on Medium

Can Artificial Intelligence feel? Could we program it to? If you’re wondering how far off we are to achieving Artificial Super Intelligence, so is the author and he doesn’t know either. But his breakdown is fascinating. My favorite part of this article is comparing AI to a dog, both can be trained and for which the owner is ultimately responsible.

Grace Moen