The March Issue


The March issue — What We’re Reading’ at Health 2.0 is a new and ongoing series that features a round up of newsworthy articles, thinkers, and opinions from across the community. We hope you enjoy and follow along. Happy reading!

I have SO many good reads to share with you today — maybe too many, but I’ve picked my favorites that inspire chuckles, jaw drops, and head scratches. Read on…!

Alphabet-Backed Flatiron Health is Being Acquired by Roche

Flatiron landed a super sweet deal! 1.9 Billion and goes to Roche. Getting off to a good start helps! Co-Founders Nat and Zach, both ex-Googlers, previously raised 300 mill from the-venture-firm-previously-known-as-GoogleVentures, aka Alphabet. Roche has also thrown them big bucks over the years. #unicorn.

PODCAST: The Urbanist: More Than a Title

Do you listen to/ read Monocle? It’s really fantastic. In this episode of The Urbanist, they interviewed Sam Dick of The Campaign to End Loneliness. Linking stress to loneliness he said, “loneliness is as bad for you as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.” 😳 Many elderly people in the UK are going 5 or 6 days without speaking to anyone and the UK even appointed their first-ever Minister of Loneliness, so it’s fair to say this is a reflection of how serious the situation is.

Millennials Don’t Know How to Use Fax Machines, Which Are Still Widely Used in Healthcare

I was at the doctor last week and I asked the nurse “so are you going to fax the Rx over to my pharmacy?” And she goes “No we’re going to send it electronically”, like I was the one who was out of touch. Ha! Our friend Nate Gross from Doximity is quoted in the article as saying “It will take another decade or two before healthcare is no longer reliant on the fax machine.”…. he may be correct, but I hope not!

Blockchain Won’t Fix the Problem With Genomics

🏅Gold medal for most buzzwords! Cryptocurrency in exchange for your genomics folks, all stored through Blockchain. This is the future.

The Pro-Business Argument for Single Payer Healthcare

Interesting fact: Consumers pay an additional $1,500 per vehicle purchased so that General Motors employees can have health insurance. But yet!.. even at that price tag, GM doesn’t support a single-payer system. This article is full of good info, and really comprehensive — worth the read!

Grace Moen