The July Issue


The July Issue — ‘What We’re Reading’ at Health 2.0 is an ongoing series that features a round up of newsworthy articles, thinkers, and opinions from across the community. This post includes exciting reads from June 2018. We hope you enjoy and follow along. Happy reading!

The Health Impact of Separating Migrant Children from Parents
By Jessica Lussenhop on BBC News

What is perhaps the most pressing subject, uniting us in humanity across the entire world, is the separation of migrant families. It’s not about the meals the education or the healthcare, though that is the bare minimum they could provide after such horrific behavior. Scientists and doctors are weighing in calling these actions “child abuse” and have real concerns for psychological and developmental effects.

Why Atul Gawande Will Soon Become the Most Feared CEO in Healthcare
By Robert Pearl on Forbes

Fascinating piece! “Asking how Dr. Gawande will function within the current healthcare system assumes that Dr. Gawande wishes to maintain the current system. He does not. And neither do his bosses.” Indeed, we do want it disruptive, don’t want it sugar coated, and in the meantime we’ll be watching the evolution closely.

A History of the Pharmaceutical Industry
By Robin Walsh on Pharma Phorum

A broad-strokes history of the Pharma industry that I found incredibly insightful for fun pharma facts and to remind myself of the context we function in today.

GoodRx, a Service for Finding the Best Price on Prescription Drugs, is in Sale Talks for up to $3 Billion
By Christina Farr and Alex Sherman on CNBC

Our friend Doug Hirsch is looking at possible triple Unicorn status! That’s a long and impressive way from launching at Health 2.0 back in 2011. Well done, Doug!

VIDEO: Dr. Eric Topol: Preparing the Healthcare Workforce to Deliver the Digital Future

Remember that time Dr. Eric Topol keynoted the Fall Conference? That was a fun one! He’s been leading the revolution of physician adoption of ‘health 2.0’ tools in the clinical setting for years, but here’s what he’s been up to lately: spearheading The Technology Review alongside NHS England by integrating technology into their healthcare workforce.

Patients Have Ambitious Health Goals and Look to Doctors for Help
By Jane Sarasohn Kahn on Health Populi

It’s working! The data proves that healthy diet and exercise habits are #GOALS. And when people say they want Doctors to support them in these efforts, it sounds an awful lot like what our friends at Parsley Health are already up to.

Where’s The Killer App for Menopause?
By Julia Faith Sklar on NEO.LIFE

The latest addition to the FemTech club — a wrist wearable that monitors temperature and offers personal climate control by either cooling down or heating up your thermoreceptors for 3 minutes at a time. While not created specifically for menopausal women, they do seem to love the discreet, hormone-free solution!

Grace Moen