The February Issue


The February issue — ‘What We’re Reading’ at Health 2.0 is a new and ongoing series that features a round up of newsworthy articles, thinkers, and opinions from across the community. We hope you enjoy and follow along. Happy reading!

Employees at Practice Fusion Expected IPO Riches, but Got Nothing As Execs Pocketed Millions

All I heard about through JP Morgan week was this Practice Fusion sale, but I couldn’t totally grasp why it was ending up as the butt of jokes. This CNBC article Matthew shared breaks it down really nicely — with a few cringe-worthy moments and some shock value to keep it interesting.

Apple Wants to Gather All Your Health Records in This Medical App

Finally, someone with the strength to do it. But you may also want to read this, one woman’s account of faking her data.

Can Amazon and Friends Handle Healthcare? There is Reason for Doubt

The news of Apple’s foray into health records looks like small potatoes next to Amazon, JP Morgan Chase, and Berkshire Hathaway’s announcement. Sounds very exciting, but there is some skepticism surrounding the health plan trifecta.

Cher Sues NantHealth’s Soon-Shiong Again, Asks for Jury Trial

Somehow Cher is making our news… not a huge bother, but interesting none the less! Also, wasn’t it Patrick who piloted his own aircraft to keynote the Fall Conference that one year?

And finally, a few stories Indu will be particularly interested in as they land perfectly in The Unacceptables category:

- How Digital Health Technologies Can Help The United States Address the Opiod Epidemic.

- To Combat Loneliness, Promote Social Health

- More Bike Lanes Could Save Up to 10,000 Lives a Year In Europe.

- Smart Device Gives Elderly and Disables More Time to Cross Hong Kong’s Busy Streets.

- If you like these, follow Maneesh Juneja on LinkedIn. He’s quickly become my best news sources for technologies interfacing with the Social Determinants of Health / the Unacceptables.

Happy reading everyone!

Grace Moen