The April Issue


The April Issue — ‘What We’re Reading’ at Health 2.0 is a new and ongoing series that features a round up of newsworthy articles, thinkers, and opinions from across the community. This post includes exciting reads from March 2018. We hope you enjoy and follow along. Happy reading!

You’re Going to LOVE Cleveland
By me on Health 2.0 News

Admittedly I wasn’t too excited about the prospect of visiting Cleveland either until I started looking into it, and now I’m super pumped! For starters, the snow will be melted by then and I also have my eye on lunch the West Side Market and a tour of the Cleveland Clinic. Tickets for Dev4Health can be purchased here.

Here’s What Needs to Happen for Digital Health Care Information Sharing to Actually Become a Successful Reality
By Annesh Chopra on Recode

A preview of what Aneesh is likely to cover in his keynote talkat Dev4Health this month in Cleveland!

Once You Understand the Blockchain You Wonder Why No One Thought Of It Before
By Paul Coletti on Dezeen

“….And that is the key attribute of all design classics.” This gem of an article comes from outside our health tech bubble — from Dezeen, an architecture and design site — which serves as a useful, fresh perspective.

What Happens When an Algorithm Cuts Your Healthcare?
By Colin Lecher on The Verge

The dangers of letting a computer call the shots. Both heartbreaking and hopeful, a worthy read.

Why Some Forgo Health Insurance
Trending topic on LinkedIn

“We’re not poor, but we can’t afford it.”

“It’s cheaper to pay for my daughters chronic condition out of pocket than it is to buy insurance.”

Insurance was created in 1929 and without going into the whole convoluted history, suffice it to say that the ACA was created to overhaul the existing, (broken?) structure by providing better care for more people at lower cost. In order to do that though, we have been told that we all need to buy in. But many have decided to pass, even in the face of a punitive tax. Was the model wrong? Or are we still waiting, some less patiently than others, for costs to eventually drop? There are multiple articles linked here, as well as an engaging thread I’d encourage you to skim through.

FemTech is Hot, and FitBit Knows It
By Jane Sarasohn-Kahn on Medium

Does anyone else cringe at the term FemTech? I get it, but it sounds like FemBotand conjurers images of the Pink Tax *eye roll*. Making products pink for women is a tired move, and yet it persists. This time though FitBit did more than “just pinking and shrinking a smartwatch” (Lauren Goode, The Verge) by including a period tracking function. Definitely a welcome addition as women have known for generations that the link between their cycles and their mental and physical health is all interconnected.

I Can’t Wait For There To Be A Black Elizabeth Holmes
By Bari A. Williams for Fast Company

We all know what happened here, in this crash and burn, mess of a situation we can’t stop staring at/clicking on. But here’s a fresh perspective on the Elizabeth Holmes saga drama as it relates to race and privilege.

Can Bots Help Us Deal With Grief?
By Evan Sellinger on Medium

Where is Alex Drane and The Unmentionables when we need them? This article references a few projects that explore using robots and AI to have conversations with our loved ones even after death. I can’t help but wonder though, does this work simply delay what would otherwise be a natural and healthy grieving process?

Grace Moen