Where Are They Now? Siren Care


Throwback with me to Wednesday September 28, 2016… thousands of technologists and healthcare innovators are packed into a convention center ballroom just a stone's throw away from Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. It’s Health 2.0’s Annual Fall Conference, the 10th anniversary even, and backstage, ten entrepreneurs await their turn to present. Each is vying for the chance to win Launch!, Health 2.0’s unparalleled competition for new technologies, and the nervous, excited anticipation hangs in the recirculating hotel air. One by one, and introduced by Health 2.0 co-founders Indu Subaiya and Matthew Holt, the companies are brought on stage to show the audience what they’ve got. The products range from personalized nutrition to remote care, from childhood development screening tools to a range of interesting solutions to increase patient engagement. But in the end only one company can be crowned.

After a tight race it was Siren Care - a diabetic foot monitoring system that proactively tracks foot temperature and helps you find potential signs of diabetic foot ulcers - who took home the win. Siren Care tackles the very troubling condition of Diabetic Neuropathy, or the loss of sensation in the feet. Often patients don’t arrive to the doctor until they have a full-blown ulcer, which means they likely have to be taken right into surgery for possible limb amputation. Siren Care’s product are socks. They look like any other pair of clean, everyday socks, with one important distinction. Each pair is embedded with sensors that monitors temperature on six key points of the foot. Automatically, continuously, and reliably, the sock sensors send data to an app on your phone and alerts you to any dangerous changes. An increase of temperature is a sign of foot injury and Siren Care has found that through their early interventions, patients can reduce foot ulcerations by a staggering 70%.

Fast forward to today and Siren Care is gearing up for big distribution by accepting pre orders on their website and shipping socks out by the end of 2018. Congrats SirenCare!

Watch Siren Care’s post-win interview with Jessica DeMassa here. 

Health 2.0’s mission and indeed, our core programming, is to be the frontier for new health care technologies. This is never so proudly displayed as during our Launch! session in which ten, brand new companies, present their technologies for the first time – live on stage. Over the years, Launch! has showcased new companies like Castlight and TicTrac, technologies including smart fabrics and diabetes monitoring, and have seen acquisitions from the likes of Intel and Apple.

If you have a brand new, highly-disruptive health technology solution, we want to hear from you! Apply to Launch your product at the 12th Annual Fall Conference here, and our producers will be in touch.

Grace Moen