Big Raises And Big Debuts We're Excited About


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Fall is upon us. Which means it’s not only back-to-school season but also back-to-conference season. Our flagship annual event kicks off this week. 


In our roles as curators, we’re proud to sort out the signal from the noise and bring you a multi-day event that highlights the most compelling names and technologies year after year. This year is no exception and with the industry stacking cash to the tune of $6.5 billion so far, it’s an exciting time to discuss what all these raises and acquisitions mean. Join us in Santa Clara Sept 16-19 (that's this week!) and we’ll hear first hand from these exciting growth companies...


  1. Since Heal last demoed at Health 2.0 in 2016, they have grown from 200 house calls to 70,000. Contracted with every major payer to boot and a strong $71.1 M in funding, we’re excited to show you an exclusive look at their new technology.

  2. Fresh from Alphabet’s recent $375 M investment, everyone’s favorite health insurance disrupter (and unicorn), Oscar Health, will join us and share how they designed a consumer experience people want.

  3. Heartflow, with their non-invasive diagnosis tool for heart conditions that saves patients both the pain and suffering of the existing status-quo approach and their $240 M in funding this year (making them one of the top investments of the year alongside GRAIL and Helix), is making their Health 2.0 debut.

  4. With a year of acquisition fits and starts across the landscape, Flatiron and Roche made it official with a $1.9 B acquisition in 2017. The oncology analytics and EMR company will speak to the power of their AI capabilities.

  5. Livongo launched with Health 2.0 back in 2014 and today has raised over $150 M. Two thirds of which came in 2018 alone. Last time Glen Tullman spoke at Health 2.0 he showed us how Livongo helps patients manage diabetes and this year they’ve added hypertension management too.

  6. The latest disrupter in primary care, Parsley Health, will be joining us. Founder, Robin Berzin, is a Health 2.0 alum and her practice, which landed $10 M in funding from a female-led angel investment firm this year, has its patients trade in an over-reliance on prescription drugs for a holistic approach. This year they’ve expanded from NY to SF and LA too.

  7. Medisafe, who shows up year after year with something new to show us, has landed an the first major integration with Apple’s new EMR platform. Their technology, which tracks your medication and dosage is now compatible with your Apple Watch via their API and HealthKit.

  8. Imagine bringing the hospital into your home without the fluorescent lights and frighteningly impersonal monitors. This lofty idea by Medically Home earned $14 M in funding this year and they will be making their Health 2.0 debut this Fall to show us how the brick and mortar model may be on its way out.

  9. It was a big year for Doctor on Demand, raising $74 M towards their telemedicine platform. CEO Hill Ferguson will be in conversation opposite Jonah Comstock, Editor In Chief at MobiHealthNews, chatting about surprising areas of utilization and the keys to patient happiness.

  10. Aaptiv, who raised big money from Amazon and Disney this summer will make its Health 2.0 debut. With an additional $22 M in the bank, we’re about to see what they’ll do with it. Brand new Audible meditations and a national TV bid to knock out existing fitness guru’s is the just the start.


That's a lot of growth and excitement! The question on everyone's mind is, "How long until the bubble bursts?" To which Indu and Matthew have an opinion. To put all this money in perspective, if each funding dollar raised from Heal, Oscar, and Flatiron combined represented one second, then the Health 2.0 Fall Conference would be 94 days long!  

Grace Moen