Have you ever read a graphic novel? I kept calling it a comic book until someone corrected me. Dali marks the first graphic novel of my adulthood. And it does happen to be graphic in all definitions of the word. Not unnecessarily though, because if you know anything about Dali, you know that he was a salacious man. Sex, and art, and parties, and a touch of mental disorder. As his paintings will also suggest.

(And if you really want to get into it, the book Dali And I by Stan Lauryssens is just fabulous.)

A quick read - I read this in bed across two nights. My brain did have some trouble adjusting to the reliance on images in addition to text. Do I read first or look first? I tried both ways. Reading first is what I recommend, though to stop every page to admire the pictures did interrupt the flow zone of reading. Maybe this could get easier with practice? Ultimately I appreciated the change of format, and the images were definitely, definitely racy and funny and insightful and playful and dark. Highly recommend.

Grace Moen